Shingo’s Dairy and Meat Products

The village of Shingo was home to Aomori Prefecture’s first dairy farms. Today the tradition lives on and the village is still known for its excellent dairy products, the most famous being drinking yogurt.
To ensure that their milk products are not only the tastiest but also the safest, the farm starts by researching and checking the grass that will be used as fodder for their cows. Next, to ensure the quality of their dairy products, the farmers use only fresh milk that has been milked that very same morning. Additional stabilizers, flavorings, fragrances, or any other additives are never used, which therefore guarantees that the dairy products they produce will be the freshest, most natural, and safest. The drinking yogurt that the farm produces is very popular for its smooth velvety texture, deep rich taste, and refreshingly balanced tang.
Shingo is also well known for its processed meat products such as bacon, ham, sausages, and smoked chicken. The meats are meticulously cured and seasoned using the farm’s original seasoning, which produces unique and superior flavor. The products are each hand made one by one, making these limited products great gifts for friends, family, or even a treat for just yourself!

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