The Shiogama Shrine

This shrine is located on a huge boulder next to the Kanehama port. If you climb up the steep slope and the stairs beyond, the shrine will appear before you. The view through the trees of the harbor and surrounding area creates a peaceful and beautiful scene.

Long ago salt (shio) was produced in the Kanehama area. It was made by collecting seawater and then boiling it in cauldrons (kama), which is why the shrine is called the shio-gama shrine. The deity that is enshrined at the shrine is called Shiotsuchi no Oji. It is the patron deity of sea voyages and tides.

The Traditions of the Japanese Coast live on in the Okuki Area
3 Aza Shiogama, Oaza Kanehama, Hachinohe City
 By car: 50 minutes from Hachinohe Station
40 minutes from downtown Hachinohe
10 minutes from Hashikami IC on Hachinohe Kuji Expressway
By train: 60-minute walk from Tanesashi Kaigan Station on JR Hachinohe Line, 10-minute walk from Kanehama Station on JR Hachinohe Line

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