The Koda Hachiman Shrine

The Koda Hachiman Shrine was said to be built during the Heian Era by Minamoto no Yoriyoshi, the appointed Commander-in-chief of the Defense of the North. Yoriyoshi built the shrine when he was sent to govern over the northeast area of Japan, known then as the ‘Mutsu Province’.

There is a legend called Yoshitsune’s Flight North that is told in the Tohoku region of Japan. In the tale, after the samurai hero Yoshitsune fakes his death at Hiraizumi, he flees north to the island of Hokkaido, stopping at several places along the way. During his passing through the Hachinohe Area he is rumored to have stayed at this shrine. Here he taught the people of the area how to grow rice by cultivating a small rice paddy, hence how the temple received its name (the Japanese characters for Ko mean small and da means rice paddy). Furthermore, the shrine has a preserved sutra supposedly copied by Yoshitsune and his party, and a statue of Bishamonten brought from Kurama by them as well.


1-chōme-2-1 Koda, Hachinohe, Aomori  

By Car: 15 min from Hachinohe Sation, 15 min from Hachinohe IC
Nearest Bus Stop:  the「Koda」bus stop

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