Guided Horseback Riding
on the Tanesashi Coast

Part of the Sanriku Reconstruction National Park and Tanesashi Coast used to be a horse pasture. This beautiful vista of natural grass along the coast was created by this pasture. Tanesashi Coast Horseback Riding gives visitors the experience of being on a horse slowly walking along the natural grass. The horses are led, so anyone can ride with peace of mind. The view of horses elegantly strutting along the grass and the ocean spreading out beyond is a scenery that makes Tanesashi Coast so special.


2019 Riding Schedule

August 10・17・24,September 7・21

From 12:30~15:00

(On 8/10, 8/17 until 15:30)

Visitors can ride a horse as it is led by its trainer on a short walk around the Tanesashi Lawn. (Cancelled on days with rain)

The Tanesashi Natural Lawn
Estimated Time of Ride:
10 min
Adults 700 yen Children 500 yen
Not Needed
Tanesashi Tourism Associtation (Yanagisawa) 0178-38-2024

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