Notice of Sightseeing Facilities Temporary Closure
Due to Covid-19

 Because of Covid-19, A lot of sightseeing Facilities are Temporary Closed.

 ※Last modified March 18.


Closed Facilities


Jan 21 ~ Apr 10The Asamoya No Yakata Facility
The Nango Jazz Hall
Tatehana Park(Greht Tower Minato)
Jan 24 ~ Apr 10Kabushima Rest Station
Technol Ice Park Hachinohe
The YS Arena Hachinohe (Nagane Indoor Skate Park)
Taga Play Ground (Prifoods Stadium)
Jan 27 ~ Apr 10The Hachinohe Tourism Information Center
Closed For Winter
(Dec 1~ Mar 31),~Apr 10
Narawazu Hill in the Shimin-no-Mori Park

※Opening Facilities

These facilities limits the number of people.

Mar 7 ~ The Nango Museum of History and Folklore
Hachinohe City Museum
Nejo Castle Site
The Korekawa Jomon Museum
Mar 22 ~Hachinohe Park
Tatehana Park
Kabunya: The Kabushima Marketplace
The Tanesashi Coast Information Center
Marient: The Hachinohe City Marine Science Museum
The Hachinohe Portal Museum ‘Hacchi’
Hachinohe City Auditorium & Community Center
The Nango Culture Hall
The Hachinohe Book Center
Hachinoh Art Museum

 For more information about Hachinohe, Click Here (Hachinohe City Official)


 For more information about Sannonohe, Click Here (Sannohe Town Official)


Jan 24 ~ Mar 21Gonohe Town Museum

 For more information about Gonohe, Click Here (Gonohe Town Official)


 For more information about Takko, Click Here (Takko Town Official)


Jan 22 ~ Apr 10The Shojujidate Castle Site

 For more information about Nanbu, Click Here (Nanbu Town Official)


Closed for WinterHashikami Hill Camp Site

 For more information about Hashikami, Click Here (Hashikami Town Official)


Feb 1 ~ Feb 28The Maginotai Green Park(※1)
Feb 5 ~ Feb 28The Shingo Onsen (Hot Spring)(※2)
The Nozawa Onsen (Hot Spring)(※3)

※1 The Maginotai Green Park
 The camp site is closed in Feburary.

※2 The Singo Onsen (Hot Spring)
 Closed : Holiday,Saturday and Sunday

※3 The Nozawa Onsen (Hot  Spring)
 Opened : Only Wednesday (Excerpt Feb 23)

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