Freshly-baked Nanbu crackers

Freshly-baked Nanbu crackers

 Enjoy freshly-baked Nanbu crackers at home. 
 The baking molds are made of Nanbu tekki ironware and the cracker mix is a blend of flour used by a long-established rice cracker shop in Hachinohe. The blended mix is of commercial-grade and the crackers can be easily made on your gas stove.
 You can enjoy two kinds of rice crackers: chewy tenpo rice crackers and crunchy cookie-like peanut crackers. Tenpo rice crackers can also be added to Hachinohe Senbei-Jiru (rice cracker soup).

※The Nanbu crackers sold in this set won’t produce the usual crisp texture. Please watch the video for detailed baking instructions.

7,150 yen(including tax)

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