Takko Town: In Search of Delicious Garlic and Meat by Local Train and Bus


 Takko Town is one of Japan’s major garlic producing regions and is also famous for its “Takko Pork.” The pigs are raised in a stress-free environment with local garlic added to their feed to add to their flavor. The meat is well known for its high quality, containing twice as much vitamin B1 as other pork on the market. Takko Town is also famous for its “Takko Beef.” Cows are carefully raised in an excellent environment with plenty of sunlight, clean air, and abundant spring water. The region lies under beautiful starry skies and has, in fact, been awarded the best starry sky in Japan. Take a trip by local train and bus to dine on a full-course garlic lunch of Takko Garlic Steak Rice (also known as Gariste). Using the three best ingredients Takko is famous for – garlic, meat, and rice – Gariste is served at three restaurants in town: Restaurant Nakui, Takko Town Garlic Center, and Yuzushi. *Reservations are recommended.

 JR Hachinohe Line For Hachinohe 
10:51Hon Hachinohe Sta. DEP→11:00 Hachinohe Sta. ARR(¥190)


 Aoimori Railway Line For Sannohe 
11:15Hachinohe Sta. DEP→11:36 Sannohe Sta. ARR(¥580)

 ▼Go Sannnohe Sta. Bus Stop

 Nanbu Bus For Takko No.190 
Sannohe Sta. Bus stop DEP

→12:28 Sun mall Takko Bus stop ARR (¥520)「Restaurant Nakui」

→12:31 Takko Chuou Bus stop ARR (¥520)「Takko Garlic Center」

※5-minute walk from Both Bus stop「Yu-Sushi」

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Takko Garlic CenterView Map
Yu-SushiView Map



Takko Town’s Garlic Steak & Rice

This is a full-course garlic lunch prepared with the finest garlic from Takko Town, one of Japan’s top garlic producing regions. This lunch course features plenty of local ingredients, including “Takko Beef”, “Takko Pork”, and rice. Enjoy the flavor of garlic from the welcome drink to the dessert!

Takko Town’s Garlic Steak & Rice




In Takko Town


Takko Town claims to be the “Garlic Capital” of Japan and evidence of its claim can be found in more than just its cuisine. Signs of garlic can be seen all over Takko Town: on lamp post shades, bridge railings, corners of benches, and everywhere else. After a hearty garlic meal, take a stroll around the town to look for the “garlic” dotted around in these places. 


 Nanbu Bus For Takko No.180 
14:30Takko CHuou Bus stop DEP→15:05 Sannohe Sta. Bus stop ARR (¥520)
14:33Sun Mall Takko Bus stop DEP

 ▼1-minute walk View Map


Nanbu Doki

One place to relax is this old warehouse renovated into a stylish café serving delicious coffee and smoked food. Locals and travelers can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee together, making the wait for transportation a pleasant and enriching experience.

Open:10:00~17:00 /(Sunday) 10:00~16:00


時間Aoimori Railway Line For Hachinohe 
16:30Sannohe Sta. DEP→16:52 Hachinohe Sta. ARR(¥580)
16:48Sannohe Sta. DEP→17:10 Hachinohe Sta.  ARR(¥580)