The Sannohe Daijingu (Sannohe Shrine)

The Sannohe Daijingu is a shrine that is dedicated to the Japanese deity Amaterasu. It is very popular with the people of Sannohe and also attracts many visitors from outside the town as well.
Long ago the shrine was originally part of a residence located on the Hashimoto mountain. In 1658, the shrine was moved and a proper main hall was built through contributions from the local townspeople. But the number of visitors continued to increase and the shrine was again rebuilt in 1688. It was rebuilt using a building that was donated by a Nanbu clan retainer named Miyauchi Fujieda.
The shrine holds many culturally important artifacts, such as a map of the route of Emperor Meiji’s visit to the area. It thus remains an important link for the community of Sannohe to its history.
The shrine’s shuin, or shrine seal stamp, is also quite popular. The seal features two original mascot characters, called Mikonyan and Kyasarin, that the shrine created for itself.
Suwanai-46 Doshincho, Sannohe, Sannohe-gun, Aomori

By Foot: 34 min from Sannohe Station, By Bus: 2 min from ‘Sannohe Yubinkyoku Mae’ Stop

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