The Hashikami Coast

The Hashikami Coast is the most southeastern area in the whole of the Aomori prefecture. As such, it is the first place in the prefecture to see the sunrise in the morning. The 5.5 km (3.4 miles) long coastline features sandy beaches, sprawling grasslands, and rocky reefs, creating a landscape that is as diverse as it is beautiful.
Visitors can enjoy fishing, camping, gathering shells on the seashore and much more. There are three fishing ports along the coast where you can charter boats for fishing or sightseeing. Or you can take your time and enjoy one of the coast’s hiking courses. They feature not only beautiful views of the ocean but also ample opportunities to watch the daily lives of local fishermen as they work the seas and tend to their boats and nets.
However you chose to spend your time, the beautiful Hashikami is a great place to relax and experience new adventures.

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