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Feast on local gourmet around the Tanesashi Coast

A walking tour to feel “Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park” with all five senses

Tanesashi Coast Natural Lawn Area
A short walk from JR “Tanesashi Kaigan Station”

The highlight around the Tanesashi Coast is the natural lawn that spreads all the way to the shoreline. The southern region of Aomori Prefecture, to which the Tanesashi Coast belongs is a horse breeding area. It has provided support for the lives of the Japanese people as a means of transportation and for agricultural work, as well as for military power during the samurai era. This lawn was part of the “Myono Pasture”, grazing land for raising horses. This grazing continued until around 1965, and the lawn was maintained by the trampling and the grazing horses, which combined with the unique environment of the Yamase wind descending from the mountains, sea fog, and minimal snowfall in the winter has created this unique landscape.

Take a tour to enjoy breakfast on the lawn, join a yoga class, simply laze around, or have a stroll around the area to admire more than 650 species of coastal and alpine plants.

There are eateries in the area where you can enjoy dishes using fresh seafood landed at local fishing ports. Walking along the “Michinoku Coastal Trail” while feeling the sea breeze and smelling the ocean will give you a better sense of the charm of this land.

Sea urchin rice bowl (topped with an egg) at “Matsuya Japanese Restaurant”
Raw sea urchin rice bowl at “Hako-shokudo”
Popular mackerel sandwich at “Umi Cafe Tanesashi”

A tour that includes a walk along the “Michinoku Coastal Trail” with a guide, and a “fisherman’s hot pot”, prepared by local fishermen for lunch, is also highly recommended.

Continuing north, with stops at “Yodo-no-Matsubara” Pine Grove, the “Osuka Coast” where you can walk along the white, sandy beach enjoying the sound of singing sand, or the “Nakasuka”, home to alpine plants that are rare along the ocean, you will arrive at the “Ashigezaki Scenic Lookout” observation point.

Yodo-no-Matsubara Pine Grove
Approximately 30 minutes by foot from the Tanesashi Natural Lawn
Osuka Coast
Approximately 40 minutes by foot from Yodo-no-Matsubara Pine Grove
Approximately 10 minutes from the Osuka Coast
Ashigezaki Scenic Lookout observation point
Approximately 1 hour and 30-minute walk from the Tanesashi Natural Lawn

There is also a cafe offering popular soft-serve ice cream, as well as eateries and restaurants where you can enjoy local specialties from sea urchin and abalone, located close to the “Ashigezaki Scenic Lookout” observation point.

It is a route recommended for those who rarely have a chance to walk, as it provides an opportunity to experience beautiful scenery with all 5 senses while also taking time to rest.

Popular soft-serve ice cream at Cafe Terrace Hulunbuir
Iso seaweed ramen at Kofunato Shokudo, a restaurant with a spectacular view, 0m above sea level
海席料理処 小舟渡の外観
Baked mackerel pizza at the Garden Restaurant Fesant
Served with the local seasoning “sansho zuke”
Exterior view of the Garden Restaurant Fesant