Takko Beef, an extremely rare Japanese wagyu beef


~An extremely rare Japanese wagyu beef~

 The Hachinohe area is known for high-quality beef nurtured by the region’s climate.

 One of its specialties is Takko beef, an extremely rare and highly-prized beef in Japan.

 Takko Town is located in the southernmost part of Aomori Prefecture. Takko beef is one of the town’s prized specialties, along with Takko garlic, a brand name known nationwide for its quality.

The secret of its deliciousness lies in the meat’s flavor, luster, firmness and texture

 Takko beef is a rare Japanese Kuroge wagyu beef with only 150 cattle shipped annually. The meat is very tender, with a lot of fat and a light flavor. It is as delicious as any of the three major Japanese wagyu beef (Kobe, Matsusaka, and Omi beef). 

 The cattle are raised in the vast 2,000-hectare pastureland of Takko Kogen, known for its wide seasonal temperature variations, until they are ten months old. They have access to natural spring water from the Ou Mountains, fresh air, and are raised by farmers who have a long-standing commitment to caring for their cattle. 

 At the market, only the highest-quality beef that is ranked A4 or B4 or higher is called Takko beef. The president of Niku no Hiroaki, a store specializing in Takko beef and pork, personally purchases whole cattle ranked A5 or A4 and sells only the beef that meets his high standards.

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Enjoy rare Takko beef at home!! 

 In recent years, Takko beef has become the beef of choice at top restaurants in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

 Try Takko beef as a steak if you want to let the meat’s natural flavor take center stage. 

 To enjoy its natural flavor, first try the steak without any sauces or condiments.

 The superior marbling gives the meat its melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and flavor.

 Afterward, we recommend adding a bit of salt and pepper or wasabi soy sauce to the steak.

 The meat is so tender that you might think that you can eat as much as you like, but don’t overindulge yourself. 

Eat well on your travels!!

 Takko beef is as delicious as any of the three major Japanese wagyu beef and can be found at restaurants in the town. The A5 and A4 ranked Takko beef is offered at an amazing price that only the locals can offer.

 Sample the beef at its home of Takko Town for an extra special dining experience

 If you ever get the chance to travel to Aomori, we hope you will visit Takko Town. 

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