The Oshu Road

The Oshu Kaido, or Oshu road, was the main highway-like road that connected the Aomori prefecture to the capital during the Edo Era. The road cut through the town of Gonohe, and the remains of the path can still be seen today in the southern part of the town in a section that people call “the old road”.

The road is now a wonderful walking path. The path is quite popular with visitors as one of the best and most well-preserved walking routes in the prefecture. The road passes through the Sannohe, Asamizu, and Gonohe areas, during which there are many points of interest and information boards that dot the roadside. While walking along the path you these points and beautiful scenery allow you to truly feel the historical significance of the road. Interesting sights include a spot where the emperor Meiji rested during his journey through Aomori, old mile markers from the Edo era, a freshwater spring, and a spot that is said to have a link to the Japanese horror story of the oni-baba. When the weather is clear, you can even see Mt. Nakui, Mt. Hakkoda, and the pacific ocean at the same time from a lookout point on the road.

The Oshu road is the perfect place to enjoy both nature and history while taking a quaint stroll through the picturesque Aomori countryside.

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