The Old-School Treats of Gonohe (Dagashi)

Dagashi are a type of classic-style candies and treats found throughout Japan. Less pretentious and some would say even more delicious than the more formal wagashi confections of Japan, dagashi are akin to something like penny candy. This old-school style of Japanese treats retains a heavy atmosphere of nostalgia around it and the treats are usually made with simple and rustic ingredients like rice, sesame seeds, roasted soybean flour, etc.
The town of Gonohe is well known for its traditional dagashi treats. It has preserved these small tasty traditions by passing them down from generation to generation so that while many other towns and cities have lots their dagashi through the years, visitors to Gonohe can still try up to 10 classic types. Each different dagashi has its unique flavor and an equally colorful name like ‘gobo’ (burdock root) ‘Katahineri’ (One-sided twist), and ‘Koheneri’ (powdered twist). They are great to eat by themselves or even more lovely with a cup of tea or coffee.
 These simple treats are relics of a bygone era of Japan, and moreover, excellent examples of the small treasures awaiting you in rural Japan! 

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