Enburi in the Greater Hachinohe Area

 Each Enburi Festival 2021 was canceled because of covid-19.

 The following is the event schedule for the 2020 season of the Hachinohe Enburi Festival.  


 Enburi is a traditional performing folk art that has been passed down from generation to generation within the Hachinohe Area since the time of the Nanbu domain. Today, many communities within the old Nanbu Domain area still practice Enburi, the forerunner being Hachinohe Enburi. But besides Hachinohe, many of the smaller towns and villages still practice and perform their versions of Enburi every year.  


 Nanbu Enburi

February 8 & 9, 2020
The Kenyoshi area & various other places within the town of Nanbu
Participating Enburi Troupes (Enburi-Gumi): 
(1) Katagishi Enburi Troupe
(2) Tamakake Enburi Troupe
(3) Undetermined (Guest Troupe)
(4) Omukai Enburi Troupe
(5) Kenyoshi Enburi Troupe
(6) Shimotoga Children’s Enburi Troupe
(7) Shimotoga Enburi Troupe
(8) Takase Chonaikai Enburi Troupe
(9) Fukuda Enburi Troupe 
(10) Nagawa Middle School Enburi Troupe
【Saturday Feb 8, 2020】
 8:30~  Ceremony at shrine, Hono-Enbrui (dedicatory Enburi), & prayer (at the Kenyoshi Suwa Shrine)
 9:45~   Enburi Procession ( From the Kamimachi area of Kenyoshi to the Nanbu Traditional Performing Arts Hall 剣吉地区上町 南部芸能伝承館) 
 10:05~ Issei-Zuri Enburi (all troupes perform Enburi simultaneously)        
 10:45~ Official Opening Ceremony (at the Nanbu Traditional Performing Arts Hall)
 11:00~ Performance of Nanbu Enburi (by Undetermined Enburi Troupe)
 11:20~ Issei-Zuri Enburi       
《Enburi at the Nanbu Traditional Performing Arts Hall (南部芸能伝承館)》
 13:00~ Nagawa Middle School Enburi Troupe       
 14:00~ Naga-Enburi Performance (Troupe Undetermined)       
O-Zashiki Enburi (Indoor Enburi)》       
 18:00~ O-Zashiki Enburi in the Cherry House       
 19:00~ O-Zashiki Enburi in the Bade Park 
 【Sunday February 9, 2020】        
 9:00~ Kadozuke performances (where Enburi troupes perform in front of shopfronts, restaurants, businesses, etc.) by separate Enburi troupes around town (until 5 pm)  
《Enburi Performances in Facilities around Nanbu Town》      
 ・Bade Park        
  Feb 8 15:00~ Fukudakami Enburi Troupe        
  Feb 9 13:00~ Katagishi Enburi Troupe     
 ・The Cherry Center        
  Feb 8 15:00   Nagawa Middle School Enburi Troupe        
  Feb 9 11:00~ (Undetermined) 13:00~ (Undetermined) 14:00~ (Undetermined)     
 ・The Nanbu Furusato Bussan-Kan (なんぶふるさと物産館) 
  Feb 8 (Time: Undetermined) Tamakake Enburi Troupe
For More Info Contact: 
Office of the Nanbu Enburi Promotion and Preservation Association
Shimoshuku-23-1 Tomabechi, Nambu, Sannohe District, Aomori 039-0802
Official site for Nanbu Town


 The Wase Enburi Festival

Sunday Feb 2, 2020
The Hashikami Wase Activity Center (わっせ交流センター)



 Makeru Ichi

 The town of Gonohe holds its Enburi festival to coincide with one of its most popular town holidays: Makeru Ichi. When the details of the Makeru-Ichi event are announced, they will be posted here.  

Friday February 2, 2020 


 Momoishi Enburi

Feb 15~17, 2020
The Honcho Area of Oirase Town (around the town office)


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