The ‘Eleven Hungry Cats’ of Sannohe

Eleven Hungry Cats is a famous children’s book series from Japan. The series follows the comical story of eleven cats who are lead by their leader General Tora Neko on many adventures. The first book debuted in 1967, after which 6 more stories followed. 
Selling over 4,300,000 copies, the series has been a long-time seller in Japan. It has crossed generations to become one of the most beloved children’s series in the country. The creator of the books was a man named Noboru Baba, who was born in Sannohe Town in 1927. The series has won many awards domestically and internationally including in 1985 when it won a special mention at the BolognaRagazzi Awards.
In 1999 the Eleven Cats became honorary citizens of the Sannohe. Since then the characters have been used as part of projects to revitalize the town. Walking around Sannohe you are sure to run into an assortment of charming statues, pictures,  and more of the Eleven Cats with which the people of Sannohe have proudly decorated their town.

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