Winter Illuminations in the Hachinohe Area


After autumn foliage viewing is over in Japan, the next big seasonal events are winter illuminations. All around the country, communities come together to create beautiful sceneries of twinkling lights that shine in the cold winter nights. 

The Hachinohe Area has several places where you can enjoy this seasonal specialty, so bundle up and see below for details on some of the area’s best winter illuminations!


Hachinohe City

・Athletic Parks in Hachinohe City

・Nanbu Yama Athletic Park
See Map
・Higashi Sports Park
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・Nagane Park
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・Niida Park
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Duration: Dec 1 ~ Dec 29, 2019

・Same Station

Area in front of JR Same Station 
See Map
Duration: Nov 2, 2019 ~ Jan 31, 2020 

・The Hachinohe Portal Museum ‘hacchi’

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Duration: Dec 1 ~ Dec 25, 2019
Notes: The adjacent Machiniwa facility will also be decorated from Nov 30 to Dec 25.  

・2019 Christmas Illumination in Miroku Yokocho

Hachinohe Yatai Mura Miroku Yokocho 
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Duration: Dec 1, 2019 ~ Feb 29, 2020 
Notes: On Dec 25, from 18:00 Santa will be walking through Miroku Yokocho handing out presents. 
Flyer for Miroku Yokocho Illumination Events


・Sannohe Christmas Illumination

at the Sannohe Pocket Park 
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Duration: Dec 20, 2019 ~ Feb 8, 2020 

・Roadside Station Sannohe 

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Duration: Dec 7, 2019 ~ Feb 8, 2020 


・Ishinohachi Fureai Community Center

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Duration: Nov 18, 2019 ~ Feb 29, 2020 

・Hashikami Station

(Area in front of Hashikami Station)

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Duration: Dec 2019~
Notes: More details will be released when known. 


・Town’s Illumination ’19

Area in front of the town’s library  See Map
Duration: Nov 29, 2019 ~ Jan 7, 2020 


・Shingo White Illumination  

Kanegasawanoson Park
See Map
Duration: Dec 7, 2019 ~ Jan 26, 2020 
Notes: There will be a lighting ceremony on Dec 7th. 
Click here to view event flyer (Japanese)


・Nagawa Middle School

More details will be released when known. 

・Sugi Sawa Middle School 

See Map
Duration: Nov 24 ~ 


More details will be released when known. 


More details will be released when known. 


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