The Choja Matsuringu Hiroba
(Choja Festival Square)

The ‘Choja Matsuringu Hiroba’ is a multifunctional public square that was opened in 2007 to commemorate the integration of the Nango area into Hachinohe City. The Choja Festival Square is utilized as a park for most of the year but in the month up to Hachinohe’s Three Shrine festival, it serves as a space for different float groups to construct their floats. After the festivals a few of the floats are kept in the square until the end of the Obon holiday season, during which the band of traditional instrument players called a float’s hayashi peform. It is also the site of Enburi performance during the winter festival season in Hachinohe. From March to December, an evening market is held in the square on every Friday and Saturday, and from April to December a morning market is held in the square every Saturday morning.

Furujosenshita Nukazuka, Hachinohe, Aomori 031-0022
0178-43-9141(Parks & Greenery Section, Hachinohe City Hall)
outside of event times, the park is open from dusk to dawn (the multipurpose facility is open from 10:00~21:00)
None (the Multipurpose facility is closed from 12/29~1/3)
By Car: 20 mins from Hachinohe Station
By Train: 20 min walk from Hon-Hachinohe Station
Bus: 8 min walk from ‘nijusannichi-machi’ and ‘jurokunichi-machi’ bus stops

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