Discover the Giant Trees of Hashikami (Walking Tour)

Hashikami is home to several huge and ancient trees. Many of these trees have been taken care of and named by the people of the town. Because of this, the town has been nicknamed ‘Hashikami: Village of the Giant Trees’.
 The people of the town have long respected and protected the trees, believing them to be the abodes of kami.  Today, throughout the town’s neighborhoods and along its streets enormous trees estimated to be between 800 and 1000 years old can easily be seen.
Through the different seasons, the trees are alternatively covered with flowers, fruits, colorful foliage and at last falling leaves, providing a contrasting scenery that changes with the season. To truly appreciate these ancient wonders and their beauties, join a local walking tour. The tours use the local buses and walking routes to explore Hashikami’s most beautiful ancient trees, providing a glance into the stunning and beautiful power of nature. 


Tours Held by:
The Commerce and Tourism Group of the Hashikami Town Hall
Tentoutai1-87 Dōbutsu, Hashikami, Sannohe District, Aomori

 Tours are held twice a year, and reservations for individuals or groups are accepted at any time 
22 min by car from the Hachinohe IC

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