Mt. Nakui


At 615 m (2,017 ft), Nakui just makes the cut for being considered a mountain by most standards. But what this small mountain lacks in stature, it more than makes up for in natural beauty and shape. Its jagged form stands promptly above the Hachinohe area, framing many of the idyllic scenery that is enjoyed in the surrounding towns and villages. Furthermore, its conical peak gives climbers a great 360 view of the surrounding area, providing one of the best views in Nanbu. 

Being such a distinct looking mountain, its role in the culture and history of the people in the area is quite significant. It is also home to Hoko-ji, one of the most prominent and famous Buddhist temples in the region, and is considered by many to be a holy or spiritual mountain. 

 Whether you are interested in its history, role in local spiritualness, or just looking for a good hiking adventure, then Mt. Nakui is a great place to explore. There are multiple trails that lead up the mountain, but one of the best places to start is at the aforementioned Hoko-ji, where the kamoshika trail will lead you to the mountain’s peak in just over an hour. 


Address for Hoko-ji:
20 Hōkōji, Nambu, Sannohe-gun, Aomori