The Maginotai Green Park

Located on a 1150m tall plateau, the spacious Maginotai Green Park is a wonderful facility where you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the village of Shingo. The park is 65 hectors big and contains an auto camp area, bungalow cabins, a ground golf course (a game similar to croquette), tennis courts and other sports facilities. Moreover, the park also features a small petting zoo and a river where you can go fishing. The facility also has various hands-on activities like cow milking and pony riding, all of which come highly recommended. There are so many things to do, you won’t be able to fit it all in just one trip.
Also located in the park is a dairy and ham making facility, both of which offer original hand made products for sale. This facility also has a few activities for visitors to try, like making your own sausages or ice cream! Shingo’s famous drinking yogurt, made with 100% fresh Shingo milk, is also made at the facility and available for purchase. 

The park is also known for its basho flowers. The blooming period of the flowers perfectly lines up with the golden week holiday period in Japan. The area in which they bloom can easily be reached by a five-minute car ride from the facility. The flowers are particularly beautiful when they bloom en masse and is a sight one should not miss if given the opportunity. 


 Amaike-11-2 Herai, Shingo, Sannohe District, Aomori

 Wednesday (During summer the facility remains open on Wednesday, from Nov through the end of April the facility is closed for the winter season)
15 min by car from the Shingo Village Hall

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