The Umineko Bus: A Great Way to See the Tanesashi Coast


The Umineko Bus is a 100 yen sightseeing bus that covers the Tanesashi Coast. It is a convenient and inexpensive bus that runs between the JR Same and Tanesashi Kaigan Station.

Stopping at most the major sights of the Tanesashi coast, riding on the Umineko gives you easy access to the areas many attractions. It also affords its passengers beautiful views of the coastal landscape along the way. Particularly when paired with stops along the JR Hachinohe line, it makes hiking the Tanesashi coast even more accessible, so you can spend your time enjoy the beautiful nature and scenery to its fullest.

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2021 Run & Fare Details

【Operating Period】
Regular Service 4/1/2021~11/7/2021  (Every Day)
Winter Service 11/14/2021~3/27/2022  (Sat & Sun ONLY)

【Buses per Day】
 Regular Service 7  Buses / Day
 Winter Service 4 Buses / Day

【Bus Fare】 Adults 100yen・Children 50 Yen (Pay on Exit)

Bus Route for the Umineko Bus 

● Same Bus Stop(JR Same Station)  Doorstep to the Sanriku Fukko National Park and the Tanesashi Coast. This is the starting point of the Umineko bus, and the bus stop is located directly in front of the JR Same station. A 15 min walk to Kabushima, the bus stop is also near a supermarket which makes it convenient for last-minute snacks, drinks or food before hiking.
● Kabushima Kaihin Koen (Beach & Park) Bus Stop  Kabushima is the breeding grounds for Hachionhe’s city bird, the black-tailed gull. The Kabushima Kaihin Koen Station gives visitors easy access to the Kabushima peninsula, shrine, and beach.
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● Ashigezaki Overlook Bus Stop
 This stop is directly in front of the Ashigezaki Overlook Point, which was used as a military lookout point during WWII. Next to the overlook is a café called Hulunbuir, which is said to have some of the best soft-serve ice-cream in the prefecture. A favorite stopping point for anyone enjoying the Tanesashi coast, visitors can take in one of the best views of the entire coast while enjoying some great ice-cream. A paved trail connecting the overlook to the Osuka Beach Bus Stop is said to contain some of the best walking scenery of the trail and only takes 30 mins to enjoy.
» Information about the Ashigezaki ~ Osuka Beach Area
● Osuka Beach Bus Stop
 A beautiful, long stretching sand beach that features ‘singing sand’.
● The Tanesashi Coast Information Center Bus Stop
Exiting from the bus, visitors will be immediately greeted by sight of the green sprawling Tanesashi Natural Lawn and the Tanesashi Coast Information Center. The center offers excellent information about the area as well as a rest area in which visitors can relax.
» Information about the Tanesashi Natural Lawn Area
● Tanesashi Kaigan Station Bus Stop
 The area between this stop and the previous contains a variety of Japanese homestyle restaurants called shokudo. In any of these shokudo visitors can enjoy local specialties like iso ramen, a type of seafood ramen, and fresh sea urchin and rice bowls. The train only passes through the Tanesashi Station once every 2~3 hours, so make sure you don’t enjoy the local seaside fare too much and miss your train!

Accessing the Bus from the JR Hachinohe Line 

【Same】The JR Same station connects directly to the Hachinohe Station making it easily accessible for travelers coming into Hachinohe by Shinkansen or regular train. To access the Umineko bus by the Same Bus stop, simply exit the Same train station and head left on the main road. The Same bus stop is about 80 meters away and should be easily seen. 

【Tanesashi】The Umineko bus can be easily accessed in the Tanesashi Natural Lawn area by using the bus stop directly next to the Tanesashi Information Center, or by using the Tanesashi Kaigan Eki stop directly in front of the Tanesashi Kaigan train station. 

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