Hike the Tanesashi Coast


The Michi-no-Kaze trail is a 700 km trail that runs along the eastern coast of Japan. It connects Hachinohe City with Soma City, all the way down in Fukushima Prefecture. This long-distance nature trail is composed of not only some of the most dynamic and breathtaking scenery in Japan, but it also integrates the very people and culture of the Tohoku area of Japan into its path. The Tanesashi Coast is the starting and endpoint section of this impressive trail, and below is a one-day recommended itinerary for getting the most out of this beautiful coast.

When to VIsit:
◎April ~ July (Black-tailed Gull Breeding Season)
◎End of May ~ October (Greenery along the Coast is at its best)
◎Middle of June ~ Middle of July (Flowers along the Ashigezaki and Nakasuka Area are in Bloom)
Estimated Time Required (ETA):
Around 6 hours


Start from the Hachinohe or Hon-Hachinohe Station

10~20 min By JR Train

Arrive at Same Station

Let the monument in front of the station welcome your arrival and see if you can figure out what ‘same’ means

26 min walk (1.3 km)


One of the best places in the whole of Japan to see the breeding grounds of the black-tailed gull. This is the start point (or endpoint) for the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail.

14 min walk (0.7 km)

Mariento: The Hachinohe City Marine Science Museum 


40 min walk (2.0 km)

Ashigezaki Scenic Overlook

During WWII this was a military outpost used for monitoring the seas. From here to the Osuka beach the trail is easy to follow and provides great views.

5 min walk (0.2 km)


Along the trail that cuts through the Nakasuka area, bountiful amounts of flower, coastal plants, and even alpine flowers bloom. This area is one of the reasons Tanesashi is called the Coast of Flowers.

16 min walk (0.8 km)

Osuka Beach

The beach of singing sand. Although the sprawling and wide beach is quite a beautiful view, walking through it often proves to be one of the most difficult parts of the trail.

30 min walk (1.5 km)

Shirahama Swimming Beach

22 min walk (1.1 km)

Shiraiwa (White Rock) / Fukakubo Fishing Port

As you walk along this portion of the trail look for a large white rock floating amongst the waves. It is one of the many rewarding sites that can only be seen by walking instead of driving the Tanesashi coast.

4 min walk (0.2 km)

The Yodo Pine Grove

A grove filled with windswept pines, most of which are 100 years old. As the trail weaves and bobs through the forest you can catch glimpses of the ocean through the trees.

18 min walk (0.9 km)

The Tanesashi Natural Lawn

As you exit the pine grove suddenly the sprawling green grass of the Tanesashi Natural Lawn opens up before you. Serene scenery and cool breeze serve to relax weary hikers.

40 min walk (2.0 km)

The Takaiwa Scenic Overlook

As the tallest point on the Tanesashi Coast, this overlook commands a wonderful view of the surrounding area. Hard to reach by car but convenient to access if walking the trail, this lesser-known spot is a hidden treasure.

32 min walk (1.6 km)

The Hamagoya

A fishing hut where you can see how fishermen used to live and work in the old days of Hachinohe. Complete with a straw-thatched roof, the building is a nationally designated Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property. (Please contact the Hachinohe City Museum if you would like to tour the building).

14 min walk (0.7 km)

Okuki Station

27~35 min JR Train Ride

Hachinohe or Hon-Hachinohe Station

Tips from the Locals

◎The trains to and from the Tanesashi Kaigan Station and Okuki Station are very infrequent, so if you would like to use them during your hike it is recommended to carefully plan your schedule. Additionally, a 100 yen sightseeing runs between the Same and Tanesashi Kaigan Station and is convenient to use when hiking or sightseeing in the area.
◎If you would like for an even deeper insight into the Tanesashi Area, we recommend hiking with a guide. Below are a few organizations that offer guided tours of the coast.
Nature Guide Vayu:http://guide-vayu.blogspot.jp/
Guide Natures Time:http://www.naturestime.com/
Umineko Tabi-Net (AC Tourism):https://acpromote.jp/
◎If you are planning to stop to eat while traveling along the coast, we recommend the following areas: Same Station, the Ashigezaki Scenic Overlook, the Seagull View Hotel, the Tanesashi Kaigan Station, etc.

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