Walking Tour of the Hashikami Coast


There are two walking tour courses for visitors to choose from to explore the Hashikami Coast:

Hashikami’s Wonders of the Sea (Gourmet Course)

The Northern Sanriku Coast of Hashikami is home to some amazing seafood. This course offers a glimpse into not only the culinary specialties of this northern town’s cold shores but also into the world of the fishermen who live their lives working the seas. Explore small fish markets that line the shores, and talk to fishermen who sell seafood that they have caught. Taste the freshest of seafood you’ve ever had, as you learn about the tools and techniques that the local fishermen use to bring to shore some of the best fish in the area.

Number of People Required for a tour: 4 or more
Tour fee: 1000 yen per person
Start & Finish Point: the Oja Assembly Hall in Hashikami (next to the Oja Station)

The beating of the ocean,
   The beating of the heart: Journey to the Edge of Aomori

Travel on foot from the Hashikami JR station to Iwate’s Kakunohama Station on this course. During the tour, you will be treated to a bowl of soup made with fresh and seasonal seafood. After that, you can relax at the Hashikami lighthouse which has a perfect 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean & surrounding scenery. Then, walk to the prefectural border where you can stand astride both Aomori and Iwate, and enjoy all of the beautiful shoreline flowers that dot the beautiful Sanriku coastline. Finally, ride the JR train back from the Kakunohama station to Hashikami to finish up this unique walking tour.

Number of People Required for a tour: 10 people
Tour Fee: 1,100 yen
Start & Finish Point: Hashikami Station



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 Hashikami Chamber of Commerce
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