Ikeda Farm (Restaurant & Butcher)


Ikeda Farm is a store and restaurant where you can purchase and eat prized Takko Beef. Takko Beef is Takko town raised, A5 rank, black-haired wagyu beef that has a growing and glowing reputation around the country. At Ikeda Farm, not only can you buy the meat at a great price, but the store also has a restaurant that offers a great lunch deal which is a must-try when in the area and a favorite of the locals. Lightly grill delicious cuts of delicious Takko beef and then dip it in Ikeda Farms special sauce for a simple but luxurious lunch that will make you a true believer in Takko Beef.



11 Ikeburisototai, Takko, Sannohe District, Aomori 039-0201




17:00~(Need reservation, 19:00 L.O.)
Open Sundays

No Set Closed Days
From Sannohe Train Station take the Takko Town bound Nanbu Bus (around 30 min ride)
Get off at the 『Takko』Bus stop and walk 15 min
40 min by car from the Ninohe JR Station 八戸自動車道
45 min by car from Ichinohe I.C.  
60 min by car from Kunohe I.C.  
55 min by car from Karumai I.C.