The Miroku Waterfall

 The Miroku Waterfall is a beautiful waterful hidden amongst a primeval beech forest in Takko. The 30-meter-tall and 20-meter-wide waterfall cascades in thin graceful streams down a rounded massive boulder to collect in a pristine pool at the bottom.
Referred to by the people of the area as ‘somen (a white Japanese noodle) falls’, the name miroku is said to have come from the Japanese word for the Maitreya Buddha, Miroku, and was named after a monk called Kyugakubou who carried out ascetic practices at the falls.The falls are only a short 5-minute walk from down a winding footpath from a neighboring park. The park is a great area to picnic in to simply relax and joy the beautiful natural scenery of the area. From the first buds of spring to the falling leaves of autumn, the scenery of the waterfalls changes over the year but remains beautiful throughout.
Natsusaka, Takko, Sannohe District, Aomori
Never (Road leading to the Falls is closed due winter/snow from Nov ~ May)
By Car: 50 min from Sannohe Station

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