Fukuda Onsen


Fukuda Onsen is a small hot spring located in one of the forested valleys of the town of Nanbu. Driving to the establishment will make you feel like you are escaping deep into the woods to a hidden retreat, but on arriving you will find a buzzing center of activity. Popular not just with the people of Nanbu, but also the surrounding towns as well, the waters of Fukuda Onsen are reputed for their benefits. 

Since the Meiji era, the spring waters said to help heal skin-related conditions. The natural minerals of the spring and a PH level of around 9 are said to heal improve the skin. In more current times, the onsen has become increasingly popular with both women and men for the beauty and smoothness that it imparts on the bathers’ skin, earning it the nickname bijin-no-yu or spring of the beauty. 

The baths in the facility are quite small and its popularity ensures that it is usually quite busy. But the comfort of the waters, the kindness of the staff, and the beauty of the surrounding nature in which this hot spring is hidden will make any trip to it more than worthwhile. 



Akasakawaki-10-72 Fukuda, Nambu, Sannohe District, Aomori 




Mon-Fri: 16:30~21:00 

Sat, Sun, National Holidays: 7:00~21:00 


Fukuda Onsen Website (Japanese)


By Car: 18 min from Hachinohe Station


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