The Nagawa Agricultural Tourism Information Center


The town of Nanbu is famous throughout the prefecture for its fruit cultivation, earning it the moniker the ‘Northern Kingdom of Fruits’. Starting with flower viewing in the orchards in the spring, then on to cherries in the early summer, peaches in the summer, grapes and apples in the fall, and strawberries in the winter, there is always something to experience in the farms of Nanbu no matter what time of the year. Come pick fresh, seasonal fruit with your friends and family in the beautiful scenery of the north and enjoy a slice of pure Japanese countryside life.

The Nagawa Agricultural Tourism Information Center serves as your portal to the orchards and farms in Nanbu, from which you can enjoy about 20 different fruits and flavors throughout the season. Depending on the conditions of crops being group, which farm or orchard to choose can change, so it is recommended to contact the information center before you travel to Nanbu so you can make a reservation and be set up with the best options. (Reservations for cherry-picking can be made the day of)

The farmers and orchard workers are experts on all things to do with their fruits and harvesting, and love to talk, explain, and share their processes with visitors, so even people that have never picked fruit before are more than welcome to come and try this great experience first-hand!



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December ~Mid April
32 min by car from Hashikami Station (JR Hachinohe Line) 八戸自動車道 南郷ICより約20分

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