Gonohe’s Onko-Chan

Onko-chan is one of the mascot characters for the town of Gonohe. She was developed by the Tokyo Heidi, a creative team based in Tokyo that was formed by two sisters from Gonohe. The character’s name, Onko, comes from the Japanese word for yew tree, which is the town tree of Gonohe. In the back story that the sisters developed for their character, Onko-chan is revealed to be a spirit of a yew tree. The character was originally featured in a 2018 promotional video for Gonohe and continues to be used today.
The original promo video is around 7 minutes long and features Onko-chan visiting famous sites in Gonohe. While visiting the different places the character is also shown enjoying local food specialties from the town, like horse meat. Around 150 kids and townspeople from Gonohe were featured in the video and danced along to the song Gonohe’s Onko-Chan, which was also produced just for the video.  


【Gonohe’s Onko-Chan】

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