The Ashigezaki Scenic Lookout
& the Osuka Coast


This article is #2 of 4 exploring the different areas of the Tanesashi Coast. It covers the area of the coast from the Ashigezaki area to the Osuka Coast. 

The Iconic Ashigezaki Scenic Lookout

Passing the Samekado Lighthouse and continuing further along the seashore, the fort-like structure of the Ashigezaki Scenic Lookout suddenly comes into view on the cape. The observation deck rises among yellow and purple flowers, craggily stony cliffs, and the raging ocean below. The scenery recalls for many a fantastical and charming scene of a gothic tower perched on a cliff. While the structure itself is quite picturesque, the views of the surrounding Pacific Ocean and coastline that it affords is truly unparalleled. 

To make a beautiful scene even better one simply needs to visit the cafe adjacent to the parking for the look. Holonbiur Cafe has some of the best soft-serve ice cream in the whole prefecture, and after purchasing a cone there it is sure to make the great scenery from the lookout all the sweeter. The time-honored tradition of ice cream at Ashigezaki is loved by the people of Hachinohe of all ages. After you get your fill of both the view and icecream, continue along the walking trail to the next stop: Nakasuka.

Nakasuka: The Shore of Flowers

Walking for a few minutes along the path from Ashigezaki will bring you to the beautiful rocky area of Nakasuka. In early summer seaside plants, such as hamahirugao (beach morning glory) and sukashiyuri (Lilium maculatum), on the ocean side of the trail and alpine plants, such as nohanashobu (Japanese iris) and nikko-kisuge (day lily), on the landward side began to bloom in profusion. Their beautiful grace and color are said to be one of the best sights on the coast and is the reason Nakasuka has been nicknamed The Shore of Flowers.

The Shore of Flowers is filled with flowers that can overcome the harsh climate and rugged terrain of the northern coast to bloom, without fail, every year. And it is their blooming that reminds the local people of their struggles and triumphs over hardships that they have faced.

As these vibrant flowers greet you, continue your walk along the trail by the intricate coastline.

Best Season to View Flowers on the Coast: Mid-June ~ Mid-July

Along the Nakasuka Coast grows both seaside and alpine flowers and other plants. The walking path leads through these flowers as it hugs the tidepools and rugged coast. The view and atmosphere created by these dynamic changes and can only be described as simply exhilarating.

The Beach of Singing Sands

Leaving Nakasuka, you will pass the large rock called “Kamo-no-guchi” and the scenery starts to quickly change. The wide sandy beach of the Osuka Coast will spread out before your eyes. The unique “singing sand” of this beach makes a squeaking sound when you step firmly on it. This ‘singing’ is said to be proof of a beach’s cleanliness and purity. Feeling the sand directly beneath your bare feet and with the sound of the waves filling your ears, you can truly feel at one with the world.

However, the beach is over 2 km long so, despite the beautiful setting, you’ll need some stamina to walk the whole length of it. But if you do, you can be satisfied knowing you are walking along the Tanesashi Coast’s most beautiful and most challenging coastline.


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