Getting around Hachinohe:
Buses (& Other forms of Transportation)

Hachinohe is quite the sprawling city, and with so many things to see it can make getting from point A to point B a little intimidating. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around town is by using the bus. Hachinohe City and the surrounding Hachinohe Area are serviced by two bus companies: the Hachinohe City Operated Bus and the Nanbu (or Nambu) Bus.  See below for information on some common bus routes, special route buses for sightseeing, and maps of bus routes inside the city. 

For a brief explanation about how to use a local bus in Japan, please see this Japan Guide article

Additionally, if you need any help with how to use the local bus or how to get to a destination during your visit to Hachinohe, please stop by The Hachinohe Tourism Information Center (located on the 2nd floor of Hachinohe station) or the front desk of the Hachinohe Portal Museum ‘hacchi’ and the staff there will be able to help you.


Riding the Bus from Hachinohe Station to Downtown Hachinohe 

Any bus that leaves from platform 1 or 2 of the East Exit bus concourse in front of Hachinohe Station will take you to downtown Hachinohe. The East Exit is located on the right as you exit the ticket gates for both the shinkansen and local train (the side where the Doutor Cafe and Youtree Building is located.

Disembark from the bus at the Jusan-Nichi-Machi stop (十三日町) or any of theChushingai Taminaru (中心街ターミナル) stops in downtown such as the Mikka-Machi stop (三日町) or the Youka-Machi stop (八日町 ).

The bus fare should be about 320 yen. 

The first bus departs at 6:50 AM (7:30 AM on weekends & holidays), and the last bus departs at 22:20 (every day). The buses depart for downtown at an interval of about once every ten minutes. 

Riding the Bus from Downtown Hachinohe to Hachinohe Station 

To take the bus from downtown Hachinohe to Hachinohe Station please use the T-60, T-63, N60, or N63 buses. These buses can be boarded at the Chushingai Taminaru (中心街ターミナル)  Muika-Machi stop (六日町 ) stop located in front of the Concert Hall pachinko parlor in downtown.

Disembark from the bus at the  Hachinohe-ekimae stop (八戸駅前)

The bus fare should be about 320 yen. 

The first bus departs at 6:30 AM (6:20 AM on weekends & holidays), and the last bus departs at 21:35 (21:50 on weekends and holidays). The buses depart for downtown at an interval of about once every ten to twenty minutes (depending on the time of the day). 

Special  Buses for Sightseeing Around Hachinohe

There are several discounted or flat rate buses available for visitors to use while sightseeing in Hachinohe City. Below are articles related to three of the most popular buses for visitors and how to use them:

The Isaba Bus: Your Gateway to the Sunday Morning Market at Tatehana Wharf

The Umineko: The Tanesashi Coast Sightseeing Bus

The Hasshoku Center 100 & 200 yen Loop Buses 

Other Forms of Transportation

Hachinohe station is serviced by the JR East Shinkansen (bullet train), the IGR (Iwate Galaxy Railway) and the Aoimori Railway Line making it an easily accessible destination on any trip through Japan. But to get around the city and reach some of the best spots in town the local Hachinohe Line is one of the best options for transportation. By using the Hachinohe line you can reach downtown Hachinohe (via a 15 min walk from Hon-Hachinohe Station), the Mutsuminato Morning Market or Sunday Morning Market at Tatehana Wharf (via Mutsuminato Station), Kabushima Shrine & Trailhead for the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail (via Same Station), and the Tanesashi Natural Lawn and Information Center (via Tanesashikaigan Station).

Another great option for getting around the city is bike-sharing. The Hello Cycling bike-sharing company now has six different bike stations throughout the city of Hachinohe, providing an easy and active way to experience the city. For more information on bike-sharing in Hachinohe, read our article about it here.

Finally, although it is not a form of public transportation for getting around town, the city of Hachinohe has a ferry terminal that connects it to the city of Tomakomai in Hokkaido. With ferries departing at several different times throughout the day, the Hachinohe ferry terminal is an easy way to get to or from Sapporo and the rest of Hokkaido. 

Maps of Commonly Used Bus Routes

Departing from Hachinohe Station

Departing from Hon-Hachinohe Station

Departing from Same Station

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