The Tapukopu Village
(Tapukopu Soyumura)

The Tapukopu Village is located at the base of the Okuro Forest in the town of Takko. It is composed of five renovated thatched-roofed farmhouses surrounded by the wild lush nature of the Aomori countryside. The houses selected, moved, and renovated to form the park, the oldest of which dates back roughly 350 years. The village is a great place to walk around and get a sense of how farmers in the area used to live long ago. 
 The area is free to enter, and while the scenery of the houses and beautiful rustic landscape are worth the trip by themselves, the village is also home to some incredible hands-on activities for visitors to try. Inside the houses, you can experience unique activities like making your own Nanbu senbei (local wheat crackers), soba noodles, or Konjac (a type of Japanese yam cake.) 
Out of all the activities, you can try, making and grilling your own local special Nanbu senbei is one of the most popular. The wonderful staff at the village will take you through the process step by step and you can even choose from different toppings for your senbei. After grilling your own handmade senbei, you can enjoy the still-hot treat while you walk around the park enjoying the wonderful scenery.
So come take a trip back in time and experience a slice of the old life in Takko Town’s Tapukopu Village!
(Please reserve ahead for activities.)


Takkokawadainouetai-66-39 , Takko, Sannohe District, Aomori
(Just before the Soyumura 229 Ski Land) 

※Last Entrance at 16:00
(if Tuesday is a holiday the village will remain open but will close the following day)
※During Winter only the facility is only open on Saturday and Sunday
 By Car: Around 40 min from Takko Town Hall

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