The Mishima Shrine

The Mishima Shrine is considered to have been established in the year 807, but the exact date of when it was built is unknown. This is because the materials relating to its history were lost in a fire. 

Naomasa Nanbu, the second lord of the Hachinohe Domain, built the main hall. Every year on July 6 & 7 the shrine holds a festival. During the festival, many vendors set up stalls along the walkway approaching the shrine.  It is a very popular festival in Hachinohe, and people from all around the city come out to celebrate.

Around the shrine area, there is an area called ‘Genji Koinai’ which is said to have ties to Yoshitsune Minamoto, a famous samurai.

5-9 Mishimaue, Shiroganemachi, Hachinohe, Aomori
By Car: 30 min from Hachinohe Station, 15 min from downtown
By Train: 1 min walk from Shirogane Station
Closest Bus Station: ‘Shirogane’ (1 min walk)

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