Kinkamochi is a local specialty treat made by shaping a flour dough into a gyoza-like shape, filling it with a sweet miso-and-walnut paste, and then boiling it. Due to the local cold winds called yamase which blow during the summer, the people of the Hachinohe area had a hard time cultivating rice. Instead they grew various grains more suited to the cold climate such as wheat, buckwheat, and etc., which is why there is a profusion of non-rice based in the Hachinohe Area. These treats are made from flour unlike rice as its name (mochi) would suggest, it is another classic example of the local Konamon culinary culture.
Originally, kinka-mochi treats were given as offerings on the during Obon on the Buddhist altar that many Japanese people have in their homes. Nowadays they are a favorite snack and have a variety of interesting fillings. The walnuts in the filling give the treat a nice crunch, while the brown sugar -and-miso paste oozes out in copious amounts once bitten into. The springiness of the outside dough and its slightly sweet, slightly salty flavor balance the treat well in this classic blast from the past treat.

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