Hachinohe City:
A Journey of Sake, Interactions, and Fisherman’s Hot Pot



JR Hachinohe Line for Kuji Hon Hachinohe Sta. DEP

→10:01 Tanesashi Coast Sta. ARR(¥240)

 5-minute walk  Tanesashi Coast Information Center View Map


Fisherman’s Hot Pot for Lunch

(About 90 minutes)

 Enjoy lunch at a small fishing port with views of the local fishing boats. Local fishermen will prepare a hot pot of fresh seasonal fish caught by the fishermen of Tanesashi Port. You can even enjoy chatting with the fishermen.
Tour fee: 4,400 yen per person

Tanesashi Coast Information Center

 Learn about the nature and culture around the Tanesashi Coast Hashikamidake area of the Sanriku Fukko National Park and receive information about the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail and seasonal events. 

 5-minute walk Tanesashi Coast Sta. View Map


JR Hachinohe Line for Hachinohe Tanesashi Coast Sta. DEP

→14:34 Mutsuminato Sta. ARR(¥240)

 8-miinute walk Hachinohe Shuzo Sake Brewery View Map


JR Hachinohe Line for Hachinohe Tanesashi Coast Sta. DEP

 A long-running sake brewery established in 1775. Built in the Taisho era (1912-1926), the building’s tiled storehouse, earthen storehouse, wooden storefront and main building are registered as Tangible Cultural Properties of Japan as well as a Structure of Landscape Importance by the prefecture. Come and try the brewery’s famous sake made from organic rice, a rice that has been painstakingly developed to the highest quality, and sake yeast.  Hachinohe Shuzo

 8-miinute walk Mutsuminato Sta. View Map


JR Hachinohe Line for Hachinohe Mutsuminato Sta. DEP

→16:58 Hachinohe Sta.(¥210)