Explore Gonohe Town by Local Bus

  The Hachinohe Area has been highly reputed as a region for raising excellent horses since the days it was ruled by the Nanbu clan. People and horses lived together and took great care of each other, which is probably why horse meat was eaten with care and respect. Gonohe Town is still famous for its horse meat and offers not only horse sashimi and sakura-nabe (horse meat hot pot), but also various other horse meat dishes prepared in special ways unique to the region. Get on a local bus and explore the area, enjoying the “authentic taste” of horse meat in this former famous horse region. 


Nanbu Bus For Gonohe Hachinohe City Bus Terminal DEP

→11:24 Chuou Bus stop ARR「Ogata Butcher shop」2-minute walk

→11:26 Gonohe Sta. Bus Stop ARR「Restaurant Sasaki」3-minute walk


Nanbu Bus For Gonohe Hachinohe Sta. DEP

Ogata Butcher shop

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Restaurant Sasaki

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11:30Horse Meat Cuisine in Gonohe Town

Horse meat is referred to as “sakura-niku” (cherry blossom meat) in Japanese because of the meat’s reddish color. It is also known as a healthy meat due to its low calories, low fat, low cholesterol, and high concentration of protein. Gonohe’s horse sashimi and horse meat are highly reputed for their exceptional taste. In addition, we recommend trying the “Yoshitsune Nabe”, a pot shaped like a traditional Japanese Samurai helmet, to enjoy grilled meat and mizutaki (hot pot with chicken) together.
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 This is a “hobby” store with a wide variety of handmade crafts inside. In the store you will be welcomed by local handcraft masters who will be happy to chat with you. You can also try your hand at making simple handicrafts. Feel free to ask the store staff if you are interested. 

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12:54Gonohe Sta. Bus stop DEP

→13:35 Hachinohe Sta. Bus stop ARR (¥520)

12:59Chuou Bus stop DEP
14:27Gonohe Sta. Bus stop DEP

→15:05 Hachinohe Sta. Bus stop ARR  (¥520)

14:29Chuou Bus stop DEP
15:17Gonohe Sta. Bus stop DEP

→15:55 Hachinohe Sta. Bus stop ARR (¥520)

15:19Chuou Bus stop DEP