Maruichi Kawamura Kegawaten Fur Store

  Established in 1954, Maruichi Kawamura Kegawaten is a long-running fur store that is part of a business that has been operating for 122 years. The shop mainly uses high-quality furs from the Tohoku region to process and sell hip warmers, earmuffs, vests, hats, and other products.

  Maruichi Kawamura Kegawaten is the only fur store in the Tohoku region that processes furs. Boasting more than 50 kinds of furs, you will find a wide variety lined up in the store for your consideration. They mainly deal with high-quality furs from the Tohoku region, many of which are from Aomori Prefecture, including Japanese martens, raccoon dogs, and red foxes.

   Maruichi Kawamura Kegawaten makes custom-made fur products and also provides services to refurbish furs that have been sitting in wardrobes at home, or to replace fake fur with real fur.

 When we talked to Kazuo Kawamura, the fourth-generation owner, about his business, he said, “At Kawamura Kegawaten, we do everything from processing to selling fur, so we can offer services that are not available at other stores, such as fur refurbishing and replacement of fake fur with real fur. We also sell fur products at wholesale prices, which allows us to offer excellent quality products at low prices.”
We hope you will stop by and visit Maruichi Kawamura Kegawaten, as part of your time in this “wonderland”.



Maruichi Kawamura Kegawaten Fur Store