The Momokawa Sake Brewery Tour

The Momokawa Sake brewery was established in 1889 and is famous for its excellent quality sake. 
The brewery is named after the Momo river that runs next to it. The company over its history has continued its mission to make the best sake possible and has adopted the motto of ‘making people happy by making delicious sake’.
The brewery also offers free tours of its factory. Come walk through the factory area to see how Momokawa makes its world-renown sake. The highlight of the tour is the sake tasting at the end where you can try a variety of different grades of sake.  We recommended Momokawa’s Ginjo Junmai ‘Sugidama’ sake. It is named after the sugidama, or giant ball made from cedar leaves, that sake breweries hang in front of their shops. The sake has a fruity fragrance and a mild taste balanced with a slight dryness. It is perfect for first-time drinkers and aficionados alike.


Tour Starting Place:
Momokawa Sake Brewery
Tour Time:
Around 50 min. (When the factory is not operation (Sat, Sun, & Holidays) the tour will take around 40 mins as the factory will be introduced by video recording)
Tour Fee:
Group Size:
1~20 people
Required ( at least 5 days before the desired tour date)
For more details or to make a reservation:
see the company’s website or call the brewery’s office (0178-52-2241)
By Car: 20 min from Hachinohe Station 
  25 min from Misawa Airport  
  30 min from Hachinohe IC  
  5 min from Shimoda ・Momoishi IC 
By Bus:【From Hachinohe】
   Take the Towada Kankou Dentetsu Bus for Towada and
   get off at the 「Kokuho Oirase Byoin Mae」stop
   【From Shimoda Station】
   Take the Oirase Chomin Bus Minamisen (Southern Line) and get off at the 「Momoishi Chuo」stop
Available (3~4 spaces) Free 


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