Mt. Hashikami

Mt. Hashikami is a low-lying mountain that overlooks the town of Hashikami & the surrounding Hachinohe area. The locals have nicknamed the mountain the sleeping cow mountain as it is said to look like a cow laying on its side.
The mountain is 740m (2,427 ft) tall and if you stood on the summit all day you could see the sunrise from the Pacific Ocean in the east and set behind the Hakkoda mountains in the west. Looking south from atop the mountain one can see the beautiful scenery of the Kitakami mountain range in Iwate prefecture.

The scenery on the mountain constantly changes with seasons and a variety of flowers and trees bloom throughout the year. The mountain has trails catered towards both more experienced hikers and beginners. Campgrounds are located on the mountain as well as a viewing area at the summit, ensuring there are plenty of activities for people of all ages. Finally, the mountain remains open through the winter as well (a rarity in the northern Japan area) allowing hikers to enjoy the mountain’s beautiful snowy landscape and making it a great destination year-round.
Hashikami, Sannohe District, Aomori

 By Car: 30 min from Hashikami Station

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