Walking Tour of Sannohe

The town od Sannohe once flourished as a castle town of the Nanbu clan during the warring states period and later as a post town during the Edo era. A highway known as the Oshu road ran through the town during the Edo period and is still the main road of Sannohe today. Dotted along this road are shrines, temples, and other points of interest that are steeped in history.
The main road was also the heart of the business district for Sannohe during the Taisho period. Because of this many interesting buildings featuring architecture from the Taisho and early Showa era can be seen. These buildings, some of which still have their old signboards and decorations, give the area a very retro feel. Walking rather than driving around the town is one of the best ways to enjoy this unique and quaint atmosphere. Additionally, many traditional foods and snacks that have started disappearing are still easily found throughout the town. 
Sannohe is a perfect place for a walking tour, as many of the most interesting places can be reached on foot and listening to the stories of a local guide helps unlock the town’s magic. Come enjoy a great tour with a guide who knows all the interesting tidbits and history to truly enjoy this small-town gem!The walking tours are run by the Sannohe Tourism Association. Please inquire directly with the association for more details. 


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