The Oirase Surf Clam Shack

Surf clams, or hokki-gai in Japanese, are a local specialty of the town of Oirase. The surf clams harvested in Oirase are said to be darker and tastier than the surf clams harvest in other areas. The unique taste and color of the clams are said to be thanks to the iron and mineral-rich waters found off the coast of Oirase at the confluence of the Oirase River and the Pacific Ocean.  

The Oirase Surf Clam Shack is a yearly event in which people gather together to enjoy the fresh local harvest of clams to its fullest. During the event you can learn how to properly shuck your very own Oirase surf clam and then compare its color, quality, and taste to that of regular surf clam by eating both! You can cook and enjoy their surf clams in various ways including grilling, hot pot, and more. After perfectly cooking the fresh clams, you’ll be given a dollop of homemade surf clam miso and other side dishes to round out the meal. 
The event is limited to only the surf clam season, so make sure you don’t miss out on this feast of an opportunity.


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