List of Accommodations in Hachinohe

There are two main areas that accommodation facilities are centered in Hachinohe: the Hon-Hachinohe Station/Downtown area & the Hachinohe Station area. For sightseeing and enjoying the nightlife of Hachinohe, it is recommended to stay in the Hon-Hachinohe Station/Downtown area. If you are planning on traveling to another city than it is recommended to stay in the Hachinohe Station area

Hotels in Hachinohe

Near the Hon-Hachinohe Station & Downtown Area 

Hachinohe Grand Hotel14 Banchō, Hachinohe 031-00310178-46-1234
Hachinohe Park Hotel1-15-90 Fukiage, Hachinohe 031-00030178-43-1111
Hachinohe Plaza Hotel1-6-6 Kashiwazaki, Hachinohe 031-00810178-44-3121
Smile Hotel Hachinohe31-5 Ban-Cho, Hachinohe 031-00310178-43-7711
City Park Hotel Hachinohe5-5 Bancho, Hachinohe 031-00310178-45-7711
Hotel Liberty Hill 31 Muikamachi, Hachinohe 031-00330178-43-3831
Hotel Ilviale Hachinohe13 Takashokoji, Hachinohe 031-00340178-46-0001
Hotel Ilviale Hachinohe Annex31 Muikamachi, Hachinohe 031-0033 0178-46-0002
Hachinohe Washington Hotel11 Kajishicho, Hachinohe 031-00530178-46-3111
Grand Park Hotel Panex Hachinohe 8 Nijurokunichimachi, Hachinohe 031-00440178-51-8484
Hotel Marine Castle Shiroshita 3-1-9, Hachinohe 031-00720178-47-6800
Hotel Imaruka Hachinohe14 Babacho, Hachinohe 031-00740178-43-0123
Hotel Select Inn Hachinohe Chuou52 Juichinichi-town Hachinohe 031-00850178-24-3130
Hotel Pearl City HachinoheShiroshita 2-2-22,  Hachinohe 031-00720178-47-0034
Hachinohe Hotel Business in Fujita1-7-31 Kashiwazaki, Hachinohe 031-00810178-43-4518
APA Hotel Honhachinohe1-8-22 Kashiwazaki, Hachinohe 031-00810178-73-3000
Hotel Route-Inn Honhachinohe Ekimae1-51-16 Uchimaru, Hachinohe 031-0075  0178-71-2511
Super Hotel Hachinohe Nagayoko Cho  12-2 Nagayokocho, Hachinohe 031-00890178-24-9000
Super Hotel Hachinohe Natural Hot Springs58-7 Juichinichimachi, Hachinohe 031-00850178-47-9000
Hotel Select Inn Honhachinohe Ekimae1-8-9 Shiroshita, Hachinohe 031-00720178-43-1800
Daiwa Roynet Hotel Hachinohe1-1 Yōkamachi, Hachinohe 031-00860178-73-2555
Dormy Inn Honhachinohe5-1 Tsuitachimachi, Hachinohe 031-00870178-73-5489

Near the Hachinohe Station 

Hachinohe New City Hotel2-12-21 Uruichi, Hachinohe 031-00730178-46-0311
Grand Sunpia Hachinohe1-1-1 Higashihakusandai Hachinohe 039-11110178-23-5151
Hotel Tetora Hachinohe23-1 Happyakukari, Shiriuchimachi, Hachinohe, 039-1101 0178-27-0088
Hotel Mets HachinoheTateda-1-1 Shiriuchimachi, Hachinohe 039-11010178-70-7700
Toyoko Inn Hachinohe Ekimae1-3-17 Ichiban-chou, Hachinohe 039-11020178-27-1045
YouTree1-9-22 Ichibanchō, Hachinohe, 039-11020178-27-2227
Comfort Hotel HachinoheTateda-2-16 Shiriuchimachi, Hachinohe 039-11010178-70-4811

Near Same Station

Hachinohe Seagull View HotelKofunadotai-9-19 Samemachi, Hachinohe 031-08410178-33-3636

Ryokan & Minshuku in Hachinohe

A Ryokan is a type of Japanese style inn. They commonly feature tatami floored rooms (though many now have western-style beds as well) and set-meals (usually dinner & breakfast) included in their price. 

Minshuku is closer to a Japanese style Bed & Breakfast. Often family operated they also commonly feature tatami floored rooms & set meals. 

Both options are great ways to experience the culture, community, and people of Hachinohe! 

Near the Hachinohe Station

Shinpachi OnsenShimokamekoyachi-18-1 Naganawashiro, Hachinohe 039-11030178-29-4126

Near the Hon-Hachinohe Station & Downtown Area 

Yamasho Ryokan1-1-47 Uchimaru, Hachinohe 031-00750178-22-0029
Daiichi Maruyu Ryokan1-1-12 Uchimaru, Hachinohe 031-00750178-45-2200
Kani-no-Oyado(Daini Maruyu Ryokan)Migisuimonshita-8-32 Uchimaru, Hachinohe 031-00730178-45-2234
Daisan Maruyu Ryokan Migisuimonshita-8-13 Uruichi, Hachinohe 031-00730178-46-1122
Kashiwagi Ryokan4 Terayokocho, Hachinohe 031-00350178-22-7431
Yachiyo RyokanTsutsumibata-126-1 Ruike, Hachinohe 031-00010178-22-1090
Hakusankaku Ryokan1-18-12 Nejō, Hachinohe 039-11660178-22-1758
Tamotokan Accommodations1-6-10 Numadate, Hachinohe 031-00710178-45-6565
Pension At Home Inn Hachinohe 13 Jūichinichimachi, Hachinohe 031-00850178-73-1660

Near the Konakano Station

Terumoto Ryokan8-4-12 Konakano, Hachinohe 031-0802 0178-43-3212
Takayama Ryokan8-8-31 Konakano, Hachinohe 031-08020178-22-1971
Shin Mutsu Ryokan6 -20-18 Konakano, Hachinohe 031-08020178-22-1736
Pension Koyo4-2-35 Kōyō, Hachinohe, Aomori 031-08010178-47-8787

Near the Mutsuminato Station

Hachinohe City Fishery Center 95 Mishimashita, Shiroganemachi, Hachinohe 031-08220178-31-3001
Pension BenkeiŌsawa-32-2 Minatomachi, Hachinohe 031-08120178-38-7155

Near the Tanesashi Kaigan Station

Shibatei (Resturant & Minshuku) Tanakubo-14-83 Samemachi, Hachinohe 031-0840178-39-3311
Hokaiso(Minshuku)Tanakubo-14-73 Samemachi, Hachinohe 031-08410178-38-2477
Ishibashi(Minshuku)Tanakubo-14-12 Samemachi, Hachinohe 031-08410178-38-2221
Shiho(Minshuku)Tanakubo-14-144 Samemachi, Hachinohe 031-08410178-39-3100
YobosoYōbōishi−13 Samemachi, Hachinohe 031-08410178-38-2431

Near the Mutsuichikawa Station  

Bekkan Shogetsu-SouHibakariue-9-1 Kawaragi, Hachinohe 039-11610178-28-3829
Business Ryokan FujiKikyonokami-3-56 Ichikawamachi, Hachinohe 039-22410178-28-3907

In Nango

Green Plaza NangoTateno-4-4 Nango Oaza Nakano, Hachinohe 031-01140178-82-2902

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