The Ja-O (King of Serpents) Red Pine

The Ja-O shrine is a shrine in Takko that is dedicated to a dragon deity called Ja-O Gongen. Within the ground of the shrine is a giant red pine tree.
The age of the tree is estimated to be around 370 years, and it was designated a town natural monument on Dec 11, 2013. The circumference of its trunk is 22.6 feet and it stands around 72 feet tall, making it the tallest in Aomori, and the 3rd in the entire country. The tree forks in three at its trunk and is considered to be the sacred abode of a mountain deity. The people of the area have long revered the tree, watching over and protecting it for generations. According to legend the tree was most likely planted by people who came to Takko from the Omi province after they settled down in the Kabayama area of town where it is located today.  


5-1 Numanotai, Takko, Sannohe District, Aomori

By Car: 50 min from Sannohe Station

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