Suiton & River Crab Soup


Suiton & River Crab Soup is a unique dish that pairs simple dumplings with a thick, rich soup. The base of the soup is made by finely and painstakingly grinding down whole crabs to make an intensely flavorful stock. Suiton, or hittsumi in the local dialect, are simple hand-pulled dumplings made with wheat grown right in the Nanbu area. They have a plump texture that is a perfect match for the thick soup.

In the past, this dish was made by locals who would simply take crabs from the local river to prepare for that night’s dinner. But over the years, the crabs began to disappear from the river and eventually so did the dish from the town. 15 years after the dish was last seen on menus, a daring restaurant started importing river crabs from southern Japan as a way to revive the tradition. The effort was successful and the dish has become popular again.

Suiton & River Crab Soup has since been featured on various tv programs, etc., ensuring its popularity for the near future. This soup is a culinary experience not quite like any other in Japan, it is well worth the trip off the beaten path to find.

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