Takko Town’s Garlic Steak & Rice

The Garlic Steak & Rice of Takko is the must-eat dish to try when visiting the town, if not when visiting the Aomori prefecture as a whole. 

It combines three of the town’s best products: Beef, Garlic, and Rice, to create a luxurious, hearty, deliciously mouthwatering dish. To fully enjoy this dish, it is recommended to lean into the garlic flavor and relish all of the garlic products Takko has to offer from start to finish. This is not a casual lunch but a lunch experience.

The set begins with an aperitif of Takko’s famous garlic-flavored cola, followed by 9 different mini side dishes that use garlic in different ways. Then comes the main course of Garlic steak. The steak is served raw with a mini-grill allowing customers to cook their steak to their preferred doneness.  After perfectly grilling the steak customers place them on small mounds of rice that come with the meal, creating pieces of succulent steak sushi. To finish the meal, a dessert of garlic flavored ice cream is served.

After finishing such a delectable but heavily garlic featured course, visitors a given special breath refreshing gummies upon leaving. The gummies are specially made to combat lingering smells of garlic and ensure you walk out of the restaurant with fresh breath.

There are currently 3 restaurants in Takko that feature Takko Town’s Garlic steak, so don’t miss out on this amazing dish during your trip to Takko! 

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