Shinmei-Gu (Shinemei Shrine)

The Shinmei-gu Shrine is known as one of the three shrines of the Hachinohe Sansha Taisai (Three Shrine Festival). Every year on July 1, the shrine hosts the Chinowa Festival. During this festival, a large ring made of straw is set up on the grounds. Long lines of people come to pray for good health and to drive away evil spirits by passing through this ring, which is said to bring good luck. The night before the festival, on June 30, rows of amusement stalls and food booths are set up and performances of Bon dances, sacred Shinto dances, and music are performed.

A gingko tree, estimated to be about 600 years old, is another highlight of this shrine.

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26-1 Nijurokunichimachi, Hachinohe City

By car: 15 minutes from Hachinohe Station, 10 minutes from Hachinohe Expressway Hachinohe IC
By train: 20-minute walk from JR Hachinohe Line Hon-Hachinohe Station
By Bus: Hachinohe City Bus / Nanbu Bus – 1-minute walk from the “Aramachi” bus stop or 5-minute walk from the “Jurokunichimachi” bus stop

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