The Hashikami Roadside Station (Michi-no-Eki Hashikami)

Conveniently located along route 45, ‘Hashikami Roadside Station’ (michi-no-eki) is a great place to stop by if you are driving south from Aomori to Iwate. The facility has a great range of things to offer, like small food stands, a restaurant, and fresh local produce and goods from the Hashikami area for sale.

The fresh fruits and vegetables sold by in the station are all locally sourced, grown, and sold by local farmers living in the Hashikami area. There is even a seafood section where you can purchase fresh fish caught off the coast of Hashikami, with some interesting and rare fish being sold every once and awhile.

Additionally, the restaurant in the station serves freshly hand-made soba (buckwheat noodles). This well-known specialty of Hashikami is made from buckwheat flour grown right in town, and the roadside station restaurant offers an easy and convenient location to try it. Other than Hashikami soba dishes, the restaurant also has other local specialties that visitors can try like the sea urchin and abalone flavored Ichigo-ni ramen, side dishes, sweets, and more!


3-3 Mimigahoi, Hashikami, Aomori

Dec 31, Jan 1
10 min by car from Hashikami Station (JR Hachinohe Line)
30 min by car from the Hachinohe JCT