The Black Garlic of Oirase: World Famous


Aomori is home to the highest production of Garlic in all of Japan. Around 70% of Japan’s garlic is produced here, and besides just quantity, the quality is supposed to be the best in the country. It is here that we find Oirase Black Garlic, which is painstakingly slow aged to bring out a rich unique flavor and an abundance of nutrients.

Compared to regular white garlic, Oirase Black Garlic has 6 times the amount of polyphenol, which is said to prevent the onset of some diseases, and also contains 4 times the amount the S-allyl cysteine which is said to help prevent dementia, etc. Because of these reasons the black garlic has become something of a hot topic and is known as the ‘marvelous black fruit’ in Japan.

Besides being more nutrient-rich than regular white garlic, black garlic lacks its distinctive harsh taste and smell as well. Instead, it is said to have almost a prune-like flavor and has gained popularity in many 3-star restaurants in Europe and has been hot-topic ingredients around the world.

Talking to Mr. Kashiwazaki, president of the Kashiwazaki Vegetable & Fruit Ltd Co. and the Japan National Black Garlic Council, he remarked ‘The black garlic more than anything is great for your health and body. Eating it is said to improve your blood circulation, and your body starts to have a glowing warmth after eating it.

The garlic plants are grown in the rich soil of Hakkoda mountain foothills and fed the clean and clear water of the Oirase River. Just the right snows during the winter to blanket the ground and this perfect environment is what makes the Oirase Black Garlic so delicious.

The bestselling product according to Mr. Kashiwazaki is the ‘Bude-Basan no Oyakoko Ninniku’ or ‘Filial Devotion to Granny Bude’ Garlic.

Granny Bude is the name of Mr. Kashiwazaki’s grandma, and the ‘filial piety’ portion came from a discussion amongst employees who were discussing what presents to purchase for Father’s Day. The garlic seemed a perfect gift as it is not only good for the body but it warms the heart as well.

The Oirase Black Garlic is highly recommended to anyone who recently been thinking to themselves ‘I just feel so easily tired lately’ or ‘I want to take care of my health’. Just one clove of black garlic a day is supposed to do wonders for the mind and body, and it tastes great too!


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