Walk × Sea
A coastal trail like no other in the world!
Enjoy the scenery of the land that can only be seen by walking

A walking tour to feel “Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park” with all five senses

Feel the sea breeze as you walk along the beautiful coast on the “Michinoku Coastal Trail”. It has attracted a lot of attention from hikers, as a rare opportunity in the world to be able to walk along a nature trail that stretches close to the sea as opposed to mountainous areas. In particular, the Tanesashi Coast Mt. Hashikami region is unique in that it is close to the sea and the living areas, and has many gentle paths, making it ideal for beginners. There are many variations of the sea. From places with beautiful sandy beaches, places where you can feel the power of the rocks, and places where you can admire beautiful flowers. Instead of thinking it’s too hard to walk all the way… simply choose a location with your favorite theme and take a gentle stroll. Be it the air, smell, sound, or sight, you may just discover something new.

A girl feeling the sea of Tanesashi
Osuka Coast

“Osuka Coast” known for its “singing sand”, is a 2.3km stretch of sandy beach. One of the largest sandy beaches for strolling in the northern Tohoku area. The sound is created by the friction of quartz grains, a mineral mixed in the sand, and is said to be a sign of a clean beach with few impurities. It will take approximately 30 minutes on foot to walk all the way. Listening to the sound of the waves while going barefoot and feeling the sand beneath your feet will make you feel as if you are one with the earth.


A coastal grassland spreads out along the hillside, in an area that stretches for about 2 km from Samekado to Nakasuka. A beautiful flower meadow with more than 650 species of coastal and alpine plants, from broad dwarf day lily and Japanese Iris that blooms in early summer. The unique climatic conditions, from the Yamase wind descending from the mountains in the summer and low snowfall in the winter, contribute to this type of vegetation despite being on the coast. Approximately 30 minutes of walking.
Enjoy and admire the rich variety of plants while walking the Michinoku Coastal Trail.

Black-tailed gulls of Kabushima Island

Kabushima Island is the first in Aomori Prefecture to be designated a national natural monument. It is renowned as a breeding ground for black-tailed gulls and the calls of these gulls have also been selected as one of the “100 Soundscapes of Japan. Kabushima Island will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its designation as a natural monument on March 8, 2022, and there is growing momentum in the local community to rethink the conservation, protection, and utilization of Kabushima Island and black-tailed gulls.

Hashikami Coast

You can take an hour-long walk from the shallow rocky reefs of “Oja Coast” to the natural lawns of “Kominato Coast” while enjoying the varied coastal topography. It is due to this terrain that sea urchin, abalone, and flatfish are in abundance in this area. Be sure to take a walking tour of the town to learn about life on the coast.

Various organizations offer unique guided tours around the Tanesashi Coast. For those who want a more serious trek, joining a tour is a great way to deepen your knowledge of the local history, culture, and nature with the commentary of a local guide.


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