The Miyagi Park

The Miyagi Park is situated directly next to Hachinohe city hall and assembly hall on the site of the now gone Hachinohe Castle. The Hachinohe Castle was the center of government for the Hachinohe Domain during the Edo period, and the park that now covers its grounds includes an open air observation deck, a small hill, garden, and pond, benches, a sprawling grass for picnicking and a small playground. It is a great place to relax with friends and family, and provides wonderful view to survey the city of Hachinohe. From late April to Early May, around 50 cherry blossom trees bloom, making it a convenient, beautiful, and popular spot for cherry blossom viewing amongst the locals.


1-14-49 Uchimaru, Hachinohe City
(Parks & Greenery Section of City Hall)
By Car: 20 min from Hachinohe Station
By Train: 4 min walk from Hon-Hachinohe Station
Closest Bus Station: ‘Shicho Mae’ (3 min walk)
None (Paid Parking Available Nearby)

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