The World of Seiko Sawada:
The Senshin Art Museum

The Senshin Museum was established to provide a space to pass on to future generations the beauty, skill, and passion that artists through the ages have expressed through their works, and to captivate guests by displaying pieces that express a raw type of beauty. The exhibits displayed include a diverse collection of pieces including Nara and Tenpyo Era sculptures made using the hollow dried lacquer technique, wooden sculptures, bronzes, pottery, ceramics, paintings, books, and more.

In particular, the museum has several pieces of art made using the revitalized hollow dried lacquer techniques based on the statues made in the Nara and Tenpyo era, making it a unique exhibit unlike any other to be found in the country. 


56-2 Kamiikarida, Naganawashiro, Oaza, Hachinohe
(Last Entrance at 16:00)
Monday (if Monday is a public holiday, the museum will remain open and close a different day), the New Year Holiday Period, Exhibit-Changing Periods
Entrance Fees:
Adults 500 Yen High School & Undergrad 300 Yen Elementary・Middle School 100 Yen
By Train: 10 min walk from Hachinohe Station
By Car: 5 min drive from Hachinohe Station
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